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    Two years bad, send new products, risk free use

    Definition and scope

    1, our RWG, RLG resistors, SACL, SDCL, SOCL, CKSG reactor series products.

    Within 2 years, if there is a problem of use, a commitment will be made to the damaged product.

    2, our company RWB, RWU, RTU series of resistance cabinet, IBU series brake unit, such products are assembled and detachable.

    Within 2 years, if there is a problem of use, a commitment will be made to the damaged parts.

    3. All products damaged by the mismatch of our company will be committed.

    4. The following cases are not in the scope of risk free use:

    1) for IBU series brake units, they should operate according to instructions.

    A, positive and negative pole connection of human error line

    B, wiring without terminal, copper wire exposed, vibration causing short circuit.

    C, for multiple parallel connections, there is no connection between the master and slave lines.

    D, alternating current entry and voltage grade error

    2) against the reactor products

    A, three-phase line, three out three out, connection error

    B, for connection with reactor products, including copper nose, copper bar, no tin or nickel plating.

    3) against the resistor products

    It is beyond the scope of our company's business matching and has not been contacted with our company before use.

    4) natural disasters such as earthquakes, lightning strikes and other causes.

    5) quality problems such as broken down in express delivery and logistics transportation process.

    Two. Risk free use process

    Our company's product factory number corresponds to the factory date: the factory number that provides the damaged product within 2 years from the date of the factory - -- a damaged photo or a measuring photo of the damaged product - - to provide a live address - - receive the single fax of the Deuteronomy and preventive measures - the customer A return - a new product from Shin

    Three. The slowest speed of reaction (calculated from the receipt of corrective and preventive measures).

    East China - - - - within 3 days

    In addition to foreign countries, Tibet, Xinjiang, Guizhou, Qinghai and other parts of Hainan - - within 5 days

    Four. Shen's authorization - responsible person (with client interface)

    Head of regional business contact with customers

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